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You and Yours on The Internet - the ‘unkempt bridlepath’

A episode of You and Yours on the Internet. I don’t mean just it was made available via the internet (that’s been true for a while), instead I mean that back in early September they dedicated an hour long call-in edition to the subject of The Internet, including the thoughts and ideas of the ever-provocative Andrew Keen. There were other guests too:

The real stars are the members of the public who phone in though, such as Ralph from Nottingham who shares his opinion around 8m40s:

I think as an information vehicle the net is rather crude. I mean it returns thousands of possible answers for every appropriate hit, from a scrambag (?) of unconsidered trifles, and yet it’s an incomplete guide to sources of knowledge. It destroys responsible research, and the result now can be seen in most newspapers. It’s little more than an unkempt bridlepath. It signposts to motorways and it leaves the bewildered at the stile…

Here’s how it worked: Jem bookmarked this page on del.icio.us a while ago. By the time I got to it, that week’s edition had already been overwritten with a new one (which incidentally makes we wonder if URLs like bbc.co.uk/radio4/youandyours/listenagain/tuesday.shtml are really so sensible). Anyway, I dug around and found this (hopefully) permanent archive of the programme. So here’s another chance to listen to the most compelling episode of Call You and Yours for some time.

(MP3, Real)