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I was Peckinpah’s Girl Friday

Sam Peckinpah during filming The Getaway with Steve McQueen

Peckinpah’s butch glamour is persistent. That handful of quite awesome movies from the end of the Sixties and the beginning of the Seventies won’t fade away. They’re in the culture - we use the language (“bring me the head…”) and enjoy the unhinged masculinity of those drifters and killers more than ever.

Anyway, the best bit of this terrific profile of Peckinpahs’ long-suffering girlfriend/fixer/producer/gofer Katy Haber - a woman whose loyalty to the old git was so total as to practically destroy her - is the distinctly odd comic narration from Andrew “Creighton Wheeler" McGibbon (oh, and Ali McGraw on the phone). Don’t ask me how McGibbon got this gig. It’s unusual but it works (MP3, Real).

Thanks to Jem and my wife for the tip. The pic is from the set of the film The Getaway.